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Welcome Entrecard Users!

Just joined and I hooked! So many great blogs out there to read!!!
I will offer 10% off all services for one month (til 11/17/08) through November 2008 if you are an Entrecard user! You must become a regular dropper on this blog AND advertise via EC on this blog or post my button on your blog. Please let me know you are an EC user so that I can apply your discount before payment.

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Felicia said...

Yes, welcome to Entrecard! Also, I am excited that you want to "Play Santa!" When you get your post ready for your product review let me know. I'll send you more info through your contact button!

Felicia said...

Ok..for whatever reason my email was sent back...so...

When you have your product review post ready please email it to me(send me a message using the Contact Button on my page and I'll email you)! I would love to schedule your post for December 8th! Would that work for you? If at all possible, it would be wonderful to include a video or slideshow/picture with the review! Remember, it needs to be your number 1 item from a Christmas list for your child or for mommies! I'm so excited to have you as a featured blogger!

Julie said...

I'm SO into Entrecard. I already have almost 300 of my top users bookmarked! Love you! Side note-You've been given an award! Check it out!http://www.coolmomguide.com/award/

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